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  • A Roleplay taking place on the Regional Message Board (RMB) of the NationStates region Middle Earth Roleplay and utilizing some aspects of tabletop / strategic boardgames (similar to the Diplomacy game), where players are participating as leaders of factions owning provinces, armies and heroes and where every player does his actions in the same "turn" without knowing of the other players actions.

    While the foundation for the roleplay lies in the strategic tabletop experience, the roleplay itself has a few additional "layers" on top of this: Any player can wrap up his actions with In-Character talk from the point of view of the faction leader or someone else, to roleplay actions taking place while the pieces on the board move etc. and to roleplay stories that span the whole world (if you have it in you!)

    The roleplay is taking place on a map of Middle Earth that is a large landmass divided by several black lines (each division representing a 'province', up to a total of 62 playable territories). Oceans are inaccessible (except some paths between territories, marked on the map with red arrow signs) and mountains are inpassable (except some special 'Mountain Passes' marked on the map with red arrow signs indicating the direction they are able to be crossed).

  • Every few days (currently twice per week, on Saturday/Sunday and on Wednesday) the map gets updated (a turn) by compiling all the In-Character talk and decisions made by the players and posting on the RMB an official annoucement as well as a Dispatch that is pinned at the top of the World Factbook Entry of that NationStates region and that is accessible for everyone to read.

  • There are four races that are playable: elves, dwarves, humans and orcs. The 62 possible territories (provinces) selections are dividided into 4 sphere of influence, one for each type of race.

    Starting the roleplay as a faction of a particular race in provinces of your own sphere of influence gives no bonus or decrease, whilst playing in provinces of another's faction sphere of influence gives a decrease of your faction's roleplay stats for the whole duration of the roleplay.

    For example, orcs owning Mordor gives no bonus and no decrease while orcs owning The Shire gives a decrease of -10%. So, if you want to have a non-"canon" playthrough for the roleplay, you are able to! It's just going to be a bit more challenging.

    - - - - The map already divided with the Spheres of Influence for each race can be FOUND HERE (--it opens in a NEW tab!--).

    - - - - More info about the Spheres of Influence can be FOUND HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

  • At the beginning of the roleplay each player/faction start with either two or three territories (provinces) of your choosing. One of them must be designated as your Capitol (all your armies will spawn here).

    There are different advantages for choosing two or for choosing three provinces at the start; choosing two gives you a lower maximum number of provinces you can control with no repercussions (starting with 2 you can have a max of 5) but you get a Hero that grants some bonuses for the whole roleplay. Starting with 3 provinces you can safely have a maximum of 7 provinces, but no Hero.

    - - - - More info about Maximum provinces and Heroes can be found by checking THIS LINK (--it opens in same tab!--).

  • The roleplay utilizes hardcoded rules for attacking / defending that are already easily accessible in a tool specially created to simplify things, named the CALCULATOR.

    - - - - You can access the CALCULATOR by CLICKING HERE (--it opens in a NEW tab!--).

    Basically, there is a ratio between the armies of elves, dwarves, humans and orcs, plus and minus some percentages particular to each race; the ratio is roughly 3-3-2-1, as in 3 (Elves) - 3 (Dwarves) - 2 (Humans) - 1 (Orcs). So if you were to find 500 elves on the map, they would be roughly equal to 500 dwarves, to 1000 humans or to 1500 orcs. 1200 humans would be roughly equal to 600 elves, 600 dwarves or 1800 orcs. And, finally, 3000 orcs are roughly equal to 1000 elves, 1000 dwarves and 2000 humans.

    On top of this come any race bonus (detailed below), faction bonus (from what sphere of influence you chose at start), hero bonus (if you selected a hero), NationStates bonus (by answering issues, more details below) or Favouritism bonus (detailed below).

    The CALCULATOR already keeps into account every type of bonus the players have, so you can just use that to plan your actions.

    - - - - For more detailed information about the race bonuses please refer to this section of the in-depth FAQ, LOCATED HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

    - - - - For more information about attacking and defending please refer to this section of the in-depth FAQ, LOCATED HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

    NationStates stats (Civil Rights, Economy, Political Freedoms) also affect your faction and you are 'encouraged' to have an active presence by answering Issues.

    - - - - More about the changes induced by the NationStates stats can be FOUND HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

    Your actions for each update also get quantified in a separate variable named Favouritism. You start with a Favouritism rating of 50, and if you increase it over 75 or over 90 you get a bonus of effectiveness. If you decrease it to 25 or to 10, you get a decrease of effectiveness. Actions such as not answering 4 issues per update will decrease your rating, while actions such as attacking someone can increase your Favouritism rating.

    - - - - The complete list of actions that add to the Favouritism rating can be FOUND HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

  • The units that you have on the map represent your armies. They can be split and grouped to your liking. Each turn, an army may move at maximum through two (or as an exception, three) adjacent territories (if they are your own or your allies) or through one of your own territory and attack one enemy territory.

    - - - More information about army movement, along with examples, can be found by checking the relevant section of the in-depth FAQ, LOCATED HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

  • When an army invades another territory, the Garrison of that territory will oppose it. The Garrison is an uncontrollable, unmovable, replenishable, fixed number of units that defend any province (500 soldiers for elves and dwarves, 1000 soldiers for humans and 1500 soldiers for a province owned by an orc). If that territory is a Capitol then the garrison is double.

    If that territory also has a visible army, the Defending Army will participate in the fight as well, and the total number of defenders is the Garrison + the Defending Army.

    Certain particular cases of attacks/defenses can arise throughout the playthrough. The main rule to keep into account is that a defender most likely always has priority of movement on his provinces (so his armies always arrive before any attacking army arrives at the same province).

    - - - - For any other cases and for more detailed explanations of what could happen, please take a moment to read this section of the in-depth FAQ, LOCATED HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

B.  RULES:(Return to Top)
  1. Any native of the region Middle Earth, any native of the regions Middle Earth has opened embassies or official ties with, any invited-nation and anyone else that stumbles upon this roleplay is eligible to be part in this roleplay. However, after you register for the roleplay, in order to play you will have to create a new nation and move it to the region Middle Earth Roleplay because of technicalities regarding the roleplay. More info about that once you read the rest of the FAQ.

  2. You MUST NOT have your roleplaying nation in the World Assembly (the one residing in Middle Earth Roleplay) at any point in time while the Roleplay is active and you are an active player in it.

  3. If you register for this and you are not active, your faction can be removed from the game. You can miss a maximum of 3 updates (two updates are per week), but at the 4th update you might be removed from the game. If you however have to miss some updates, please say so, and your nation will enter a "Pause" mode, with a "NPC"-ruler controlling it until you return; it will retaliate if someone declares war on you but will not start a war on itself (unless you give specific orders before you have to go).

  4. If you no longer want to be part of the Roleplay you are free to cease to play, as long as you make a formal announcement (or at least to let me know in private). You can always come back if you want to return.

  5. If your nation has been defeated you can continue to play In-Character. If you also (still) want to play with a faction then you(r faction) will re-emerge in an update, two or three, depending on how many times you have been defeated.

  6. You will act civil towards other players no matter what the outcome of the war is. This means that you agree not to be surprised if your nation gets betrayed by your best NationStates friends and you get eradicated in the next two updates. We're playing In-Character, and war is twisted sometimes!

  7. There are some specific rules regarding who and when you can attack. Not respecting this rule will NOT be tolerated if found. (Someone notifies me, or I find out myself that there's some irregularities).
    The main rules are:
    • No more than two enemy nations can declare war on you, at any point in time (unless the Good / Evil forces that govern life in Middle Earth somehow declare war on you and impetuously demand you to be obliterated).
    • You can be the aggressor in no more than two wars.
      ** This means that at any given time you can be, at top, in war with 4 different nations (two you started the war with and two that attacked you)
    • At any given time you can ONLY have 2 OFFICIAL allies, although you are free to have as many "friends" or official "non-aggression-pacts". More about what "official allies" actually means a bit later on.

    1. A WAR is ONLY established if the attacker's forces are AT LEAST 25% of the enemy's defending forces that the attacker knows is in the defending province (this is, among other, a check in order to make sure that you do not attack with 1 soldier just to 'technically' start a war).
    2. You can DECLARE a war without really starting a war. Doing so is just an In-Character declaration of hostility and a war can, at any time, happen.
    3. There are two different ways of actually starting a war:
      --> officially declaring war AND THEN attacking a province;
      --> attacking a province WITHOUT a formal declaration of war.
      If you want to declare war, all you have to do is to >>MAKE IT EXPLICIT<< in your In-Character post.

      • If you DECLARE war and attack a province, then you win some bonus Favouritism points, once per ongoing war with the enemy.

        Declaring a war on a nation means that the other nation will receive your declaration of war prior to any attack you have planned; this means that the said nation can mobilise their armies to their borders. If you two share a common border, then they may amass at the border; if you two share a border over multiple provinces, then they do not know which province you attack and they might amass at random.

        Declaring a war on another player means that the other player has to abide by the same rules, ie, he only received the declaration of war, but does not know where the attack will happen; he has until the end of the update to write his own In-Character post accordingly. The defending player may know of the location of the attack if the defender player has spies infiltrated in the attacker nation (but this course of action has to be, obviously, agreed by both parties).

      • If you ATTACK a nation without declaring (officially) war on said nation, then you lose some Favouritism points.

      • More info about Favouritism point gains/loses related to starting a war can be found by checking the relevant part of the in-depth FAQ, LOCATED HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

    4. Each war will get timed out after 2 updates in which you haven't attacked your enemy (if you are the aggressor) or the enemy hasn't attacked you (if the enemy is the aggressor). Retaliations from the defender army do not count towards this;

      For example, if you attack a nation this update and don't attack the nation the next update, then that next update is the 1st one towards the end of the war.

      If another update passes, in which you haven't attacked the other nation (while they can attack you!), then on that another update you are still at war.

      The next update after this one will have you two NOT AT war with each other, if you haven't attacked your enemy. If the ENEMY has attacked you in this update, then THEY STARTED A NEW WAR, in which THEY are the attacker.

    If I find out that someone has acted against these rules - by mistake or not - I will simply deny that action for that turn and notify the one who breaches the rule of his breaching so he can edit his course of actions.

  8. Godmodding is NOT tolerated, as the roleplay runs with the help of precise things that must be respected in order to play. This includes:
    • You can not decide for yourself how big your army is.
    • You can not decide for yourself that someone else's king gets assassinated (unless you and your victim player both agree on this - then you can roleplay it into the game!).
    • Please realise that unless you have spies on your enemy's soil, then you CAN NOT SEE what he posts. Please roleplay accordingly! You can have spies on his territories as long as you both agree to this.
    • You CAN roleplay actions (besides the native attack-defense part of the roleplay) that span stories regarding places, heroes or artefacts. You can also tie the roleplay to the story, for example ... you found a precious elfic artifact in Rhovanion but the orcish landlords won't allow you to claim it. You declare general mobilization of all elvish armies to take it back - once again, you must first agree on this with the player playing the orcish nation

  9. You can only register with one of your nations. You can't have yourself and your "protectorates" playing altogether. If we find out that you have played with more than one nation, we will be .. a little disappointed.

  • How do I join up?
    • Step 1. Read this FAQ.
    • Step 2.
      - If the Registration Period is OPEN, check out THIS DISPATCH with the list of registered nations and taken territories. You can check the provinces, the colors and what army icons have already been picked by others and you can select yours.
      - If the Roleplay already STARTED, then you should check the map of the roleplay over HERE and see what provinces are not taken and what colors are still free.
      - If there are no colors available, no provinces available or things are confusing, please TELEGRAM ME describing the issue and I'll do my best to move things around so that you can join as well.
    • Step 3. Create a DISPATCH for your nation (Please do it in Category: Meta, Reference).
    • Step 3a. Title your DISPATCH: "Middle Earth Roleplay: Nation INSERT YOUR NationStates SHORT NATION NAME HERE".
    • Step 3b. As DISPATCH Text, complete the following ... AND REMOVE THE COMMENTS IN THE PARENTHESES !!:

      1. MORE INFO :: http://www.nationstates.net/region=Middle_Earth_Roleplay (keep this line but remove this text between parentheses, thank you very much!)
      2. Name of Kingdom: --- (insert your name, a maximum of 20 characters including spaces)
      3. Race: --- (insert your faction race: option is between Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs)
      4. Number of Provinces: --- (write either "2" or "3" - read the FAQ about the two choices!)
      5. Name of Provinces: --- (the name of the provinces)
      6. Name of Capitol: --- (which of your provinces is your Capitol)
      7. Hero type & name: --- (if you selected 3 provinces, skip this. if you selected 2 provinces, you can pick a hero. Here you write the Type of hero and the NAME of your hero)
      8. The name of ruler: --- (the ruler can be the same as your HERO if you selected a hero. If its the same, please say so clearly.)
      9. Desired color: --- (from the list of colors 1 to 14 in the above linked dispatch)
      10. Desired army icon: --- (from the list of army icons in the above linked dispatch)

    • Step 3c. POST your DISPATCH and save the link (It will be at "VIEW YOUR DISPATCH" link once you create it). If you somehow did not save the link from this page you can always access your created dispatch in the list of "National Happenings / Recent Activity" feed at the bottom of your nation's page.
    • Step 4. Telegram the nation called "Dispatch" by clicking THIS LINK, and give him the link of your recently created DISPATCH.
    • Step 4b (OPTIONAL). After sending the telegram, you can check again the dispatch with the list of registered nations and taken territories (HERE) and offer our Roleplay a moment of your time by clicking on the "Approve this Dispatch" up-arrow at the top right of the page.

      ... The next four points are not needed for the actual registration for the roleplay, they will happen AFTER the registration period CLOSES. So, continue to read them in order to know what is to be expected of you! ...

    • AFTER THE REGISTRATION PERIOD OFFICIALLY CLOSES, you have one week to CREATE A NEW NATION and to answer whatever issues you want (if you want to) in order to give it the NS stats that you want (Economy, Civil Rights and Political Freedoms). You can also use one of your own already-created nations, but please use one that has less than 300 million population. After you are content with the way your recently created nation is, send a telegram from your MAIN NATION (the one you registered to the Roleplay with) to the nation Dispatch (Like This) with the nation's name so that I can send to it the password for the region Middle Earth Roleplay.

    • After you received the invitation and are residing in Middle Earth Roleplay, you are free to go to the settings page (HERE) and at "New Issues" be sure to select "No Throttle" (you get one issue per max 6 hours) or "12 Hours between Issues" - basically anything that'll give you more than 3 issues per Update. Feel free to also set the option that'll give you a confirmation message when selecting what issue option you go with - but that's really entirely up to you.

    • After you have done all the above --> wait for me to post the UPDATE 0, which marks the start of the Roleplay. After I post the UPDATE 0 you ARE FREE TO POST your In-Character messages. I will compile all the posts found in the Regional Message Board of Middle Earth Roleplay (my Update 0 information and your In-Character replies and posts) and twice a week I will update the map (going to Update 1, 2, 3 ...). Then you can post again, and so on. Each subsequent update after Update 0 will be published on Saturday-Sunday (depends on my schedule) and on Wednesday, unless mentioned otherwise.

    • For each new Roleplay UPDATE you have to ANSWER AT LEAST -- FOUR -- ISSUES (so, per 3 days you have to answer at least 4 issues of all the possible issues you'll receive). They must be already registered as Government activities in the list of National Happenings of your nation.

      **SPOILER ALERT**: If you want more control with the way your recently created nation has its starting stats, a relevant topic on the NS forums is the About Nation Creation and Categories **SPOILER ALERT**

D.  THE IN-DEPTH FAQ(Return to Top)
Thank you for reading so far. I hope the above lines of text helped you make a general idea about the roleplay and left you interested enough to consider joining it!

There are definitely many questions that you have and that are left unanswered. I advise you to take a few minutes of your time to quickly go over the IN-DEPTH FAQ as it tries to explain some of them, as well as giving more information and details about the roleplay.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO! I will try my best to make things clear as the roleplay progresses; after an update or two in the roleplay I'm positive that everything's going to be clear - and if not, just ask!

But if you'd like to read more,
- - - - The IN-DEPTH FAQ can be accessed by CLICKING HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

Final words . . .
  • Please remember that the region Middle Earth Roleplay hosts the In-Character messages. If, for whatever reason, you need to post Out-of-Character messages, please add an "OOC:" tag at the top of your message.

  • Reminder about our awesome GAME CALCULATOR (--it opens in a NEW tab!--).

To return to the main menu, CLICK HERE (--it opens in same tab!--).

Of course, if there are any other questions, I'd be delighted to answer them. Farewell my friend, and sign up now for the game!
PS: Please let me know if you find any errors, questions or ambiguities in this FAQ. Thanks!